Let's create images that speak for your brand

Product vs. Lifestyle

Its important for brands to use both in their marketing. Product photos are great for: new products, announcing sales, sets and new pairings, giveaways, collaborations, instagram stories, social media posts, email marketing, and shop images. Lifestyle photos are great for  showing the fit or use of the product, showing how multiple pieces fit together, creating emotional images to market to your target market and creating an interesting and engaging social media feed and website.

so how does it work?

First things first, I know you have a lot on your plate. Between designing, packaging, shipping, marketing, customer service and all the other hats you wear, there is never enough time to create the amount of content you need..

And thats where I step in..



I plan and style EVERYTHING with your brand in mind. I will schedule models, set up studio shoots, steam product, and organize and style the shoot. Mood boards will be sent to you for your approval to make sure we both have the same vision that is on brand and you will feel comfort in knowing that I GET YOU and YOUR BRAND.


I take the photos, edit the photos, pay the models in product and deliver back a complete gallery. YOU have GORGEOUS photos for social media, website, shop, catalogs, email blasts, Pinterest, and more. If you are on a subscription, I will reach out to schedule our next call to discuss our next shoot, and again, take it off your plate and give you peace of mind!

The ability for a brand to show the world WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY STAND FOR is the difference between a yes, and a no.  And how can you do this without the pain of hunting for client after client through a sea of people who may or may not be your ideal customers? You get THEM to come to YOU. You SHOW them you’re what they’re looking for. And you SHOW them through images with intention that perfectly captures the essence, meaning, and mission behind your brand. Because standing out is not enough to make sales. It’s the careful combination of standing out and evoking a response from someone where they look at your business and say: “Yes, they get me.”

Pricing & Packages

All packages include:

Option to subscribe monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Packages are modified for Personal Brands, Influencers, and Service Based Brands.

Social Media

$ 350 or $295/month
  • up to 10 products
  • 2 models
  • 30+ Images

Small Business

$ 595 or $500/month
  • up to 20 products
  • 2-5 models
  • 75+ images

Full Line

$ 1,500 or $1,200/month
  • up to 45 products
  • up to 10 models
  • 200+ images

Customized Pricing

All brands are unique and different! If the above packages don’t fit your needs, I am happy to create a customized proposal for you. 

Hey, i'm Melissa

I live in Fargo, ND with my husband and two sons. I run a photography business that is making the transition into commercial and branding photography.

But I’m not a “photographer.”

I am an artist.

My medium is the photograph.

My art: Storytelling. 

And nowadays when anyone with a smartphone is made to believe that they can become a photographer, it’s not enough to just take a picture of a product or a business and call it a day. Pictures don’t make sales. 




I developed a passion for branding and commercial photography while following my husband along in his entrepreneurial journey and learning all things business, marketing, and advertising! I am now a business and branding nerd. I am a podcast junkie, a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, and am always searching for the perfect blazer.